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Building Tuning and Commissioning

At BTAC we focus strongly on services integration with practicality to create and deliver savings that always exceed our fee. 

At BTAC, we believe that listening closely to our clients is fundamental to the success of a project. We do not make assumptions or begin the consulting process with preconceived ideas. Rather, we work in partnership with our clients to ensure that the commissioning or tuning strategies are developed not only address and save operational cost and energy, but also align with clients’ organisational goals.  

Partnering with our clients means that we participate throughout the entire process, from simple tuning to implementing a complex project requiring a capital investment. Once the upgrade is complete, we provide the auditing and maintenance services necessary to ensure the building’s ongoing energy, compliance life safety ratings are maintained. We can produce continual improvement programmes as well as lifecycle and master planning. 

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Our Service Areas

Our office is in Brisbane, however we are able to work in Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne. We also have experience working offshore in such places as PNG, Kenya and Ethiopia. We have the expertise to add value to any building Asset in any location.

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We partner with building owners and developers as their trusted commissioning consultant & we make their job easier.

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